Theater I: Still Out There

Foto Theater Bremen:
Foto Theater Bremen:
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STILL OUT THERE | December 2016 – April 2017

von kainkollektiv Link
A “Junge Akteure” production atTheater Bremen Link

Within three years, Janna Wieland will accompany the development process of three theatre Productions. Her research perspective is based on ethnological and culture-anthropological theories: In spring 2017, she accompanied and observed the production “Still Out There” by the independent theatre group “kainkollektiv” at “Theater Bremen”.

“Still Out There” is a theatre project with children and young people from different social, migrant and postmigrant, as well as cultural contexts.  the production examines– Bremen – with artistic research methods relating to the fairy tale of the “Bremen Town Musicians” aswell as a city with a colonial and postcolonial history and their communal struggles. In the process of rehearsing and the production, , “Kainkollektiv” used multisensory and multimedia-based methods to aesthetically process and stage stories of migration. “Kainkollektiv” describes this as “theatric composition”.