The Oxford Ethnography and Education Conference (OEEC) | 18th to 20th September 2018

University of Oxford, September 18-20, 2018


Drawing by Janna Wieland

Bodies, Sounds, Spaces: A sensory ethnography of sound practices in postmigrant theatre and in school. Paper presentation by Birgit Althans, Elise v. Bernstorff, Janna Wieland

This paper focuses on sound practices (Maier 2016), developing an interdisciplinary perspective on theatre and schools (cultural anthropology, performance studies, sound studies, and educational studies). We discuss the empirical findings from the both research fields in the methodological framework of New Materialism and transcultural analysis. We thus aim at developing a sensory ethnography for the study of performative aesthetic practices in the context of migration discourses that contributes to a new concept of transcultural formation (Transkulturelle Bildung).


Transformatorische Bildungsprozesse, Stuttgart: Kohlhammer. Maier, Carla J. (2016): “Sound Practices”. In Schulze, Holger / Papenburg Jens (Eds.):